How we hire

The core of our hiring process is our work tests. After an initial resume screen, we send candidates 1-3 example tasks similar to what they’d be doing in the role. We provide work test honoraria for time spent on these tasks, whether or not the candidate moves forward in the pipeline. For some roles, we also conduct interviews, though these are given substantially less weight than work tests in evaluating candidates. The final stage of our hiring process is the work trial, where candidates work directly with our team for 1-2 weeks (sometimes longer, if this is a good fit for the candidate). This allows both the candidate and the hiring manager to get a very real sense of what working together is like. We reimburse all travel and lodging expenses for trials, in addition to paying at or above our rate for a permanent employee in that role.

We are committed to diversity and equal opportunity in all aspects of our hiring process. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We welcome and encourage all qualified candidates to apply for our open positions.

We are able to sponsor visas for technical roles and offer our staff extensive immigration support as needed.

Working at METR

We are a small, fast-moving, mission-driven team based in Berkeley, California. For technical roles, we fairly strongly prefer someone who can work in-person at least a few days a week, but remote work (including internationally) can be accommodated. For operations roles, we expect to only consider candidates who can relocate and work in-person.

Compensation is competitive with Bay Area tech roles, excluding equity. We have flexible working hours and provide unlimited PTO to all employees. In addition to health, dental, and long-term disability insurance, we also offer benefits for mental health, productivity, and professional development.

We encourage you to apply even if your background may not seem like the perfect fit! We would rather review a larger pool of applications than risk missing out on a promising candidate for the position.

Please email hiring@metr.org with any questions.